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Friday, February 29, 2008

Which Banks Are going To Go Under?

The following article shows some of the depth of the mortgage problems. The rising FORECLOSURES are adding fuel to the fire for the RECESSION we are in and rising food and fuel costs are adding INFLATION to the mix. We apologize for using 3 BAD words in one sentence. We do see great rates out there this week for buyers. The big issue is: Are you able to get a good price on your new home? We still say look for prices from 2000-2001 and you will be in the right area for making offers on the homes you like.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

First of all, we are not in a recession. A Recession is two months of negative growth of GDP. Growth has slowed. We are facing inflation. But, people like you who call our economy a recession before we actually get there are part of the problem. Our economy is hugely dependant on the perception of public. You are adding fuel to the fire.

3:18 PM  

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