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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Thursday PM

Our market closed strong in front of important numbers Friday AM. We have had rate changes of about .25 -.30 basis points this afternoon. Enjoy the rally but just remember what we have said"Lock as you go and Count the cash flow" We suggest covering your locks this PM.

Thursday AM MIx

Bonds are at +13/32 and drifting down from their high of +22/32. Mixed signals from the indicators. Claims were up to 350K, Personal Income up .3, Spending up .5 (spending more than we make!) Factory order level +.2. THE BIG NEWS is once again oil going up over 1 dollar taking the stock market down which is good for us. Our market is improved about .10 -.15 basis points but may fall off any news shifts the stock market around . Rates are still great compared to what they could and will be!. Have a great day and lock a lot of loans.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Wednesday Ho Hum AM

Bonds are at +1/32 and our market is flat. We have a auction today BUT the big news is Thursday (initial Claims, Personal income & Spending, Factory Orders and Chicago PMI) and Friday (Nonfarm Payrolls, Unemployment and Construction Spending). ALL of the indicators are expected to show a improving economy which would be bad for interest rates. The flip side is what if the numbers don't come out as forecast? We would then get a pop in our market . Do you hold your loans and hope OR lock before the numbers come out? The choice is yours!!!! You know our policy"Lock as you go and count the cash flow" Enjoy the Day.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Tuesday AM

Consumer Confidence came out at 102.4 (down) but our market has regained Mondays loss for now and bonds are at +11/32. Stocks are down. A little bad news helps us somewhat. This might be the only number that helps us this week. The rest are suppose to show improvement in the economy. Lock the small rallies and stay out of trouble with a lot of indicators coming out Thursday And Friday . Enjoy the day and do some locks!

Monday, March 28, 2005

Monday PM Dollar Rise

Bonds are now at -12/32. The dollar has hit a 5 month high. As Feds raise rates it builds some power for the dollar. Oil prices have tapered back down, but for how long? Stay tuned and STAY LOCKED!

Monday AM No News is not always good news

Bonds are at -8/32 and drifting down. Our market has lost about 15 basis points. All the big news is coming out Thursday and Friday. There is a bond auction Wednesday that could pull on our market. Most of the indicators other than Consumer Confidence Tuesday is expected to be good for the economy which would be bad for us. Our suggestion would be to lock ahead of all the indicators and not get caught in the crossfire! Remember "Lock as you go and count the cash flow"

Friday, March 25, 2005

Friday Notes

Our market is closed today so there is not much action other than a small down side to cover the long weekend. Monday will start fresh. In regards to some of the crazy Conforming & Jumbo loans out there, just remember sometimes its better to throw back the big fish on the line if its not good to eat. Go after the good clean deals and make your life easier. Enjoy the weekend.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Thursday AM

Bonds are now at +10/32 and falling off because of a early close today and will be closed Friday. We picked some of our loss yesterday and this morning. Our market has improved .10 basis points. Durable Goods came in at +.3 (not so hot). Initial claims at 324K (higher) and New Home Sales at 1226K which were way up. A mixed bag of numbers which did help us a little but do not expect our rates to come all the way back. As the Feds raise rates our rates MUST follow. We must realize and accept this fact. We cannot wish rates down. Enjoy the day and lock on these highs.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Wednesday AM Wake Up Call

Bonds are now -4/32 and our market is off .10 to .15. Our rates went up a full .25 in rate in one day. Worries of Inflation are in the air. Many of you may not have worked in a 7- 8% market. Production goes way down. Stay focused and STAY LOCKED. Thursday numbers may help us a little IF Durable Good and New home sales are up and claims are down. Hang on for a wild ride.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Tuesday Late PM Blues

Bonds are now at -26/32 and our market has lost .75! Can you hear all the money going down the drain because some people didn't lock. We may see a small rebound off the lows when the traders ease off BUT Wednesday CPI numbers and Existing Home Sales may give us even more problems as the CPI is expected up and home sales down. Be very very careful. Rates are still low. "Lock as you go and count the cash flow"

Tuesday PM After Feds News

Our market is now off .375 basis points. Expect rate changes for the worse. Feds raised rates .25 and said they will do more as needed. Lock early!

Tuesday AM Wonder

Bonds are at +18/32 on a rally. Our market has improved .125 basis points. PPI came in at +.4 which was high but who cares. The Feds are expected to raise rates today but who cares. The stock market is on a downer so lets buy bonds. It will be very interesting to see how the day ends. Life is always full of surprises. That's what makes our job so much more enjoyable. We still say lock on these crazy rallies!

Monday, March 21, 2005

Monday PM Downer

Bonds closed at -6/32 and our market is down .10 to .15 basis pionts. This is the setup for the Feds announcement Tuesday. You know where rates are heading. Its just hard for some to accept the facts of life. RATES ARE GOING UP. Stay safe and stay happy!

Monday AM

Bonds are just sitting at -2/32 and waiting for Tuesday Fed meeting along with PPI numbers ( expected unchanged). At 2;15 PM EDT Tuesday they make their announcements. We expect the market to drift down and higher rates ahead. Don't get caught tomorrow with your loans waiting for better rates. You should be able to see higher rates on the horizon. Stay tuned for more info.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Friday AM

Bonds down -11/32. Our market is off .10 basis points which washed out any gains from Thursday. Worries about gas prices and Fed's meeting next Tues along with a lot of indicators next week is beating on our market. As we said yesterday lock into the highs when they are there. We are in a rising rate market and we must face those facts. Holding on for better rates might make you very OLD. Enjoy the weekend and we will keep you informed as to any changes in the day

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Thursday PM

Bonds are still holding on at +22/32 and our rates are .25 better. Oil prices hit new highs (over $57.00) but the Phil. Fed survey showed a slowdown in growth. This is a real mixed bag of news so lock these highs and make money. Watch here for more info on any down turn. "Stay locked and stay happy!"

Thursday AM Rally

Bonds are at +21/32 and our market has improved .15 basis pionts. Leading indicators came out up +.1 and intial claims down to 318K so why the rally? Good news is bad news for us. The market should fall off. Stay tuned.

Thursday AM

Sorry, the server was down wed so we could not publish our post. Bonds +23/32 .Initial claims down to 318K. Leading Indicators up at +.1. Our market has improved about .15 basis points for now. It should fall off with this "good" economic news so lock EARLY. Stay tuned for more news later in the day.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Tuesday PM Downer

The party is over. Bonds are now at -5/32. The short lived rally was just that. Cover your locks BEFORE the rates change and stay happy.

Tuesday AM Surprise

Bonds are at +12/32 and our market is about .15 - .20 basis points better this AM. Retail Sales came in a little lower than expected at +.5. The big news is a report showed foreign investors bought a huge amount of our treasuries in January versa the month before. Old but good news gave us a rally. But our dollar is still very weak and oil prices are very unstable. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth. DO YOU KNOW THE MEANING OF THAT PHRASE? Take advantage of these rallies and sell into them not after them. "Lock as you go and count the cash flow" Enjoy the day and stay tuned.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Monday News

Bonds are at +2/32 and our market is about .125 basis points better. Ho Hum day. Retail Sales Tuesday expected up (+ .8%) could beat us up. Be ready for a possible move up in the morning. It might be good to cover yourself today but we know some of you are gamblers! You know our motto"Happiness is positive cash flow"

Friday, March 11, 2005

Friday PM

Bonds continued their downward drift to -25/32. We have lost about .30 -.35 basis points. The dollar continues to be pounded by the trade deficit. Remember"Lock as you go and count the cash flow." Have a great weekend!

Friday AM

Trade Deficit up 58.27 B. Bond off -20/32. Our market is off .25-.30 basis points. We hope you locked some in yesterday as suggested. The dollar is getting beat up and that spells inflation and higher rates. We need a recovery of the dollar to stabilize us. Stay tuned for later in the day. Enjoy your weekend

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Thursday Breather

Bonds are at +7/32. Initial Claims came in 17000 which gave a LITTLE sigh of relief to our market, BUT oil prices are still very strong and our dollar is weak. I see a fall off shortly again so be careful and cover some locks this morning. Stay tuned and remember"Happiness is positive cash flow." Enjoy the day.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Wed PM bad news

Well the auction is over and it went fairly well but the Fed's beige book report said the economy is good and suppliers are not having a hard time raising prices! Can you smell the INFLATION in the air. The bond traders can and they are selling off. Rates are going up. Bonds are now at -1 15/32. Rates changes are close at hand.

Wed. Killing

Bonds are at -30/32. Our market is off .375-.50 basis points. Rates are up another .125 just today. Worries about the dollar, rising oil prices, weak labor market has triggered a sell-off. Lets face the facts: the trend is higher rates and that is where we are heading. STAY LOCKED AND STAY HAPPY

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Tuesday PM Lows

The market continued its down trend to -27/32 on bonds. Our market lost .30-.40 basis pionts. That moved rates up a full .125 today alone. Auction starts Wed. "Lock as you go and count the cash flow"

Tuesday Storm

Without warning bonds are off -22/32. No reason but it may be the uncertainty of the 5 and 10 bond auction Wed. And Thursday. What if there isn't enough demand to buy our government bonds? Take cover ahead of time. Remember as we said Monday "Stay locked and stay happy" Rates will be off about .25 basis points.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Monday News

Bonds are at +13/32. Our market is moving on our side today. Beige book Wed. And initial claims Thursday. The rest of the week is going with the flow of general economic news such as oil prices, US Dollar Etc. We will see some moves but in which direction ? Time will tell. Stay locked and stay HAPPY.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Friday Highs

Unemployment 5.4 UP Non farm Payrolls 262K UP. Bad news is good news for us. Bonds are now at +27/32. Our market has improved .50 basis points. Expect 1 or maybe even 2 rate changes for the better today . Enjoy the weekend.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Thursday PM

Bonds are falling off this afternoon -2/32 from +7/32 this morning. Fridays number could affect us along with rising oil prices now at $55+. Don't get caught sideways or upside down. We are continuing our slow drift to higher rates.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Wed. sigh of relief

Mr. Greenspan said life is good and everyone is happy. This gave traders a sigh of relief. Bonds are +1/32. Remember more indicators are coming Thursday (intial claims) and Friday (unemployment rate, nonfarm payroll & factory orders). These numbers are expected to show a slowdown from the previous months but who knows? If they do we could have more trouble. Enjoy the day.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Tuesday wake up call

Good Morning, What a day yesterday was. 30 year rates went up about .25 basis points. Bonds are at -4/32 (near the high of the day) this morning. Construction spending was down but still fairly strong. The market is very uneasy this morning and still appears to have a push for higher rates so stay locked and stay happy. "Lock as you go and count the cash flow"


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